Self Balancing Unicycles

Airwheel unicycles and self balancing scooters. We offer free shipping on all Airwheels and we support every purchase for 1 year.

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Airwheel X3

Airwheel X3 Airwheel X3 is the original Airwheel model. It's small and light to carry with you a..

Airwheel Q5

Airwheel Q5 with 260WH battery Airwheel Q5 has same size wheels as the Q3, removable Cushion ..

Airwheel A3

Airwheel A3 scooter. Fast and free shipping!              &n..

Airwheel R5 Electric Bike

Airwheel R3 Electric Bike We have one unit that has been tested and used briefly, sold now at a b..

Airwheel X8

Airwheel X8 Airwheel X8 is the newest version in the single wheel family. It has one 16 inch ..

Airwheel Z3

Airwheel Z3 Scooter You can easily change the battery on the Z3 to extend the range. Buy ..

Airwheel S6

Airwheel S6, 260WH battery. Fast and free shipping!Charger works worldwide 110/220V 50-60Hz.embed-co..

Airwheel S8

Airwheel S8, 260WH battery. Fast and free shipping!.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bo..

Airwheel Q1

Airwheel Q1 Airwheel Q1 has smaller wheels and size compared to the Q3. It is very light and conv..

Airwheel M3

Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard With the bigger 163WH battery  The M3 Electric Skateboard i..

Airwheel Q3

Airwheel Q3 with the biggest 340WH battery option Airwheel Q3 is the flagship in the Airwheel family..

Airwheel Q6

Airwheel Q6 with 170WH battery Airwheel Q6 looks like the Q1 but with bigger wheels an..

Airwheel S3

Airwheel S3, 520WH battery. Fast and Free shipping!Charger works worldwide 110/220V 50-60Hz !.embed-..

Airwheel S5

Airwheel S5, 680WH battery. Fast and Free shipping.Charger works worldwide 110/220V 50-60Hz.embed-co..