How to ride the Airwheel

It's not difficult to ride the Airwheel. The Q series can be learned in just a few minutes, while the single wheel X series take a bit longer.
How does it work?

You control the Airwheel by leaning slightly forward or backward. It reacts to your body weight and instantly drive forward when you lean forward, or backward if you lean backward. There is no back and forth on the Airwheel, but it’s obviously easier to drive with your body facing forward ! 

It keeps itself upright by advanced computer algorithm and gyro sensors. You're only responsible for keeping it balanced sideway. Similar to riding a bicycle, this is easier when it’s in motion. Balancing while standing still is for advanced riders. The 2 wheel Q-series is easier to balance as it has two wheels which offer a wider contact area. It will also stand by itself if you step off for a moment. The X series will have to be laid down or leaned against a wall when you're not riding it.
Below is the official teaching videos and advice on how to practice riding the Airwheel. It’s quite individual how people learn how to ride. Many will also learn it quicker and drive by themselves after 2 minutes.
After more practice you become more and more confident in riding. 
It takes a few days before you are skilled enough to drive on sidewalks with other people around. You should keep distance to people and other vehicles and use the training band to hold the airwheel in case you slip and push it away from you.
You normally don’t fall off the Airwheel. If you loose the balance you simply step off. In this case it’s important to have the airwheel attached to the training band. 

Q3 instruction video:



X series (single wheel) instructions: