How to change tire on Airwheel Unicycles

X- Series (single wheel)
Here are instructions on how to change tires on the X3. You don't actually have to disconnect the cable, you can also carefully flip the upper shell to the other side and leave it connected.

1. Unscrew all the bolts on the casing

2. Unscrew the bolts on the pedal piller

3. Open the casing 2-3 cm (keep the side without the power button up)

4. Either A) Press to unplug the black and white joint/connectors and remove the casing, or B) Flip the upper side casing to the other side without unplugging the connectors. make sure to not stretch the cables if doing so.

5. Deflate the tire

6. Plug back white and black connectors if you disconnected them and match and close the casing.

7. Rearrange the wires along the inner rim and close the casing, screw the bolts on the pedal pillar without tightening them

8. Screw the bolts on the both sides of the casing, then tighten the bolts on the pedal piller.







Q-Series (single wheel)
For the Q series the method depends on what side tire or inner tube you need to replace. There is a cable going to the motor, so if you need to change the tire on the side where the cable is then you have to disconnect the cable. Or you can remove both tires through the side where there is no cable, however this would be a twice the work.
Here is a PDF guide explaining how to change the tire. The guide also includes how to change battery on the Airwheel Q1. Skip this section if this is not needed. 
Important: After disconnecting the cable then press the on/off button on the Airwheel so that any remaining power on the main board is discharged.

PDF: How to replace battery and tires for Model Q1.pdf


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