This is a FAQ under development. We will post useful questions and answers here as we receive them. If you do have a question that should be on this list, then please contact us to ask you question.

Airwheel questions

  • What is the max weight of the driver?

The maximum supported weight on all models are 260lbs. We would recommend getting a model with bigger battery for users above 200lbs, as it will use more power to move you around.


  • What is the correct tire pressure ?

Tire pressure from 20-30 psi is ok. Higher pressure will extend the range (uses less power) but is not as comfortable to ride. Slightly lower pressure makes the two wheels feel more like one big wheel.

  • Is it legal to drive in my city?

Airwheel comes under the same laws as Segway, so if a Segway is allowed then Airwheel is probably allowed. 

  • Can I bring it on a plane ?

Different airlines have different rules regarding transportation of batteries. USA's DOT says batteries up to 300WH can be brought on board.  http://phmsa.dot.gov/safetravel/batteries  New rules make it very difficult to bring Airwheels and similar devices on any plane.


Order related questions

  • How much is shipping to my city? Are there any taxes or fees I need to pay?

Shipping is included in the unit price! UPS does sometimes charge a fee of $35 when delivery to USA. The receiver have to pay this charge when it is requested. 

  • How long time does shipping take?

We ship with UPS, it takes from 1 to 7 days.

  • Do you offer other upgraded shipping?

We can get a quote for you, but it's quite expensive to save 1 or 2 days shipping time, so in most cases it's not worth it.

  • Do you ship to worldwide?

We can ship to many countries, and there are shipping prices to many countries entered in our system already. You can also enquire and we can check if we can get a better rate for you. There are some countries we can't ship to because of local exclusive distributors.

  • I've seen several online stores all claiming to be exclusive Airwheel distributors. Which one is the real one?

We see that this can look confusing. Airwheel is made by Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd in China and have several distributors worldwide. 

Warranty and repair

  • What if I get a flat tire? Do you sell replacement tires?

We do sell replacement tires and inner tubes. Look in the accessories section. The X3 and Q3 models use standard tires/inner tubes that you can find many places. Only the Q1 uses a special made smaller tires. 
Q1 tire and inner tube size: 12"

X3/X5 tire and inner tube size: 14"X2.125"
Q3/Q5/Q6 inner tube size: 14"X1.75"

Also note that the warranty doesn't cover tires

  • What do I do if there is a problem with the unit?

In case there is a problem then we will first try to determine what's wrong and if it needs repair. In case it needs repair it needs to be shipped to us or an approved service center. There have been reported very few cases of problems with the Airwheels. 

  • I bought my Airwheel on eBay. Can you repair it?

We only offer services under warranty on units sold by us. We know if we sold it through the serial number on the unit. We can still assist you with selling spare parts, but we will charge you for it.