Electric skateboard M3 assembly instructions

Congratulations with your new Airwheel M3 electric skateboard! 

We know you're eager to get out and try it right away so follow these instructions and you'll be ready in no time.

Here is the instructions from the manual. Below are some photos to illustrate it better.

1. Connect the battery to the back pair of wheels. This is the pair that has the small black wire connector/plug.
You should use the shortest black screw here as in the photo.


2. Put the rubber pad as in the picture


3. Mount the battery and back wheel to the skateboard. The shorter screws should be used for the battery and the longest screws for the wheel. 

Put the washer first, then the metal nut, and use the tool to tighten. Don't tighten too hard until you have all the screws in place.

Finally add the plastic nut.


4. Put the front wheels in place and mount it in the same way as below.


5. Finally connect the battery to the drive wheel. Make sure the battery is in the off position (button not lit).


You are ready to ride!

Take it slow and wear suitable protection gear while you learn how to ride the M3. Have fun :)